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  Thu. 08/16/2007  
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Renata Tebaldi, 82, Soprano With 'Voice of an Angel,' Dies


Thanks for your article about Oppong not being

prepared for the Presidency.

Unlike many that have sent out similar messages

pejoratively, your letter appears to be a sincere one

intended to persuade Mr. Weah. I highly appreciate the

tone of your message.

However, if a character like Cllr Brumskine (who

joined Taylor after Ghankay has unpacked his grand

plan for Liberia) is now seen as a possible winner of

the Presidency, then I see no reason why Mr. Weah

should not take a shot at the presidency.

I, too have my concerns about Mr. Weah's readiness;

But if many of the decent characters of Liberian

politics have little chances of winning the next

elections due to fighting among themselves...and that

taking Oppong out of the race will increase the

chances of a Brumskine presidency....then I beg to

disagree with you. I put all of my efforts behind a

Weah leadership for Liberia.

I encourage Liberians who are asking Weah to drop out

of the race to let us know their choices and defend


Yours in the quest for a decent Liberia,



Plain Talk


 M. Tarnue Mawolo

True Confession Of A Leader

Many have said, with good reasons, that all that we see in Africa is an unending spectacle of tragedy that usually borders on the comical. So true. And  much has not changed in that regard, anyway.  But check this out. Sad as it may seem, a ray of hope may be appearing. A guy mounts the stage somewhere in Africa and makes the following declaration: "I have failed the Zambian people and the Zambian nation. One of my failures is, it has not been possible to reduce poverty, and I feel sad about it." Sounds strange and downright spooky? Well that's because we are not quite used to the modesty of our leaders; and their admission of failure is not commonplace even. If anything, it is a rarity and close to nonexistent. But we can be sure that this is not a confession made before a priest. These were the word of Zambian President, Levy Mwanawasa, in a statement to the Zambian people while announcing a recent cabinet reshuffle. More>

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