Major Signs That You Need to Change Your Outlets 


Despite the usefulness of electrical outlets in our daily lives, we still tend to easily overlook them. If you are similar to the majority of the people, perhaps you just think about your electrical outlets once they are not working anymore. To know better, here are the warning signs you need to pay attention that could mean that your outlet needs to be replaced: 


Flickering power 

Once a device flickers off and on, it could imply that the outlet cannot keep up with the demand anymore. This could be because of an outdated or damaged design or wear and tear. By replacing your flickering outlets, you can avoid damage to your own things.  

Your outlets aren’t grounded 

You can determine whether your outlets aren’t grounded when they just have 2 holes or prongs. If you have these kinds of outlets, know that these are outdated ones and must be changed with a grounded three-prong outlet. When you’ve never considered replacing the original outlets of your entire home, it would be best that you do it immediately. 

You see a spark or smell smoke 

Always trust your senses. Once you can observe burning, sparks, or smoke close to your outlets after you turn on an appliance or plug something, never hesitate to consult it with an electrician on what measures to take about this.  

Loose plugs 

Plugs that easily fall out may appear to be annoying more than anything. However, they can also be a sign of wear and tear, causing electrical arcing and sparking.  

Chips and cracks 

Surface blemishes such as cracks and chips can also lead to issues since they let debris and dust to accumulate in the outlet. This could function as kindling after inserting a plug, which can possibly result in an electric arc. It would be better to refrain from using chipped or cracked outlets until you replace them.  

Melting or burn marks 

Inspect for blemishes on the wall, outlets, and faceplate. Melting and dark discoloration are indicative of potential sparking and short-circuiting. If this is the case, discard your outlets and never use them again. If you can, make sure to contact a certified electrician to have them checked and changed as soon as possible,  

The outlet isn’t working 

Though this sign may be obvious, you really have to replace your outlets especially if they don’t power your electronics anymore. Guarantee that other outlets within the room are functional before you make any changes. When there’s still no power, inspect whether the breaker was tripped.  

Outlets that feels hot to touch 

Once your electrical outlets tend to be hot when touched, this could mean that the wiring was improperly installed or it’s worn or damaged. Any electric current or wiring malfunction can possibly result in an electric fire. Meaning, it would be great if you don’t wait before it’s too late. It’s highly recommended to look for reliable residential electrical services in Limerick City and have your electrical systems checked today.